Singles Ladder

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This tennis ladder has been proposed to provide members with an
opportunity to meet new players and play competitive yet friendly games at Westfields Tennis Club. Registration took place from 1st – 10th April.

To make an enquiry, please contact John and Jo Lloyd by email here or call them on 07846 291690.

Play will take place between 15th April and 31st August. If successful, a further ladder will begin from the 1st September.

In a tennis ladder, players are arranged like rungs of a ladder. Players can
challenge one another to a match. As a player wins or loses, the player
moves up or down in position on the tennis ladder.

The Rules

Please use the following rules with a degree of flexibility and good humour. Remember it’s only a game.

  • A participant may challenge another member up to 3 ladder positions above them.
  • The challenger contacts the opponent to arrange the match.
  • The match should be played within 14 days of the challenge.
  • The challenger is responsible for booking the court and providing 4 reasonable balls for the match.
  • The match will consist of one short set (the first player to win 6 games), unless both
    players agree to play the best of three short sets.
  • If the challenger is successful the challenger and opponent change positions on the ladder and the score is entered on the score sheet by the winner.
  • Once a match is completed the same members cannot challenge each other again
    for 14 days.
  • If a challenge is made but the opponent does not arrange to play in the allocated
    time, the challenger can change position with them. However, in the spirit of this
    competition, reasonable allowance should be made for holidays, injury and illness.

Further Guidance:

Starting ladder positions will be decided by an initial ranking. John and Jo, will
propose these for a committee member to approve.

New members can join at anytime and will be placed at the bottom of the ladder,
but can challenge anyone on their first challenge. If they lose this match, they
revert to the bottom of the ladder. If they win, they replace their opponent’s
position on the ladder and their opponent drops three places.

The highest ranking woman and the highest ranking man will each receive a trophy
which will be presented at the annual dinner and presentation evening.

To be eligible to receive a trophy the winners must have been played at least 4 matches.

The rules and guidelines will be reviewed and may be amended following members