AGM Monday 4th March, 2019 – All Members Welcome

WTC – Notice of Annual General Meeting – Monday 4th March 2019, 7.00pm, Black Lion Hotel, Finkle Street, Richmond


  1. Confirmation of Minutes of AGM held 5/03/18
  2. Annual Chair’s Report
  3. Treasurer’s Report & Member Subscriptions
  4. Maintenance Report
  5. Election of Officers and Committee Members
  6. Appointment of an Auditor for the current financial year
  7. Proposed Change to Rule 10 of Club Rules
  8. Any other business

    Every Full Adult Member is entitled to be present, to speak and to vote at the AGM, but there is no right of Members to vote by proxy if not present.


    The Management Committee has 3 officers and 6 Committee members. Due to resignations and the 3 year rotation rule, there are several vacancies this year. They are:

  1. Chairman (officer)
  2. Club Secretary (officer)
  3. Committee Member X 3 vacancies

Nominations must be received by Monday 25th February 2019

The Management Committee is fully committed to ensuring a well-run facility is available for all Members, and fulfilling all obligations to other stakeholders.

It takes thought, time and energy to achieve this – it does not run by itself ! Help is required !

If you think you have the right blend of experience, skills and time (i.e.. 20 mins to 1 hour per week) to support the Committee and Club to fulfil one of the above roles, please come back to me, and I can talk you thru these in more detail, so you can then properly submit your nomination. (Note you must have been a member for at least 1 year at the date of the AGM, before you can put yourself forward to serve on the Management Committee).


As part of new LTA requirements, the Management Committee is proposing to change section 10 of the Club Rules, to ensure FULL compliance with LTA core policies and guidelines, which the Club is required to adopt in its own Safeguarding, Diversity and Inclusion policies. It is proposed that the existing Club Rule 10 section is wholly replaced by a new re-written rule – see how in the attachment to this notice.

This is a General Meeting of Members. Under Club Rules, Full Adult Members may raise a formal discussion item, or raise a proposal to be voted upon. Proposals will require a proposer and seconder at the meeting. Please come back to me with your agenda item before 18th February 2019, where after they cannot be added to the Agenda.

If you have any queries on any of the above please contact me as soon as possible.
Phil Leahy
Acting Club Secretary.

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