WTC Wimbledon Ticket Draw 2018

Each year, Westfields Tennis Club is allocated Wimbledon Tickets from the British Tennis Members Ballot. These tickets are entered into a draw at the club for eligible members. Members who are successful in the draw will have the opportunity to purchase the tickets at face value.

How do I know if I’m eligible?

  • You are a British Tennis Member (BTM) (Free to WTC Members)
  • You have registered with BTM that you are a member of Westfields Tennis Club, Richmond, North Yorks (there is another Westfields Tennis Club so be sure to use the correct club)
  • You have Opted In to the Wimbledon Ballot via your BTM account (free)

How do I become a British Tennis Member?

Click here to sign up for FREE as a BTM. As a member of Westfields LTA, you are entitled to  FREE LITE MEMBERSHIP (Juniors 11yrs to 17yrs and Adults 18+)

Remember to state that you are a member of Westfields Tennis Club, Richmond, North Yorkshire – there is another Westfields in Leicester.

How do I opt in for 2018 tickets?

British Tennis Members can opt in from 20/09/17 until 23/02/18 via their BTM account.

Will I get a ticket?

Tickets will be allocated to the club and a draw of interested, eligible parties will be held at the clubhouse. The successful members can make payment for the tickets to British Tennis on-line or by phone. Ticket price is face value.

The quantity of tickets allocated to the club is based on the number of club members who are also British Tennis Members (free membership for WTC members) and who have opted into the BTM Ballot (this is also free).

The more eligible members we have, the more tickets we will be allocated for our draw. Last year we were allocated 3 pairs of tickets: 1 pair for Centre Court, 1 pair for Court 1 and 1 pair for Court 2.

Further LTA/BTM Information

Have a look on the LTA Website




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